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Mechanical Bulls are becoming more and more popular

When you add a bull to your attractions you add excitement and fun for every one. Not only is the rider challenged but the crowd loves to watch them to see if they can stay on. In many locations the operator does not necessarily operate the bull as if you are actually riding one. They have control to slow it down or make the bull move in amusing ways. Riding a mechanical bull in the night club seen is all about creating fun.Mechanical Bull Head

Mechanical Bulls make fun that gets the whole crowd into it and creates an exiting atmosphere.

We have the most reliable American made and supported Mechanical Bull at the very bet price available.

The following information is all about the Mechanical Bulls we have for sale.

Set up and teardown time is about 20 to 30 minutes
Manufactured and supported in South Carolina
2 year warranty
110 volt AC power -No need for special wiring
16’ x 16’ round or square air mattress
Your choice of 4 different colors
2 – 1 hp motors control Buck, Spin and roll (2000 lbs of torque).
1 hp blower motor
Dolly included so you can easily move the bull

Free dolly included helps you setup and teardown in 20 to 30 minutes
Designed for easy storage
2 constant air ports incorporated in mattress

Made with a rubber head, soft horns = low insurants rates
Control panel has auto shut off
Secondary safety rope release shut down feature
Control panel master key lock – locks off when unattended
20” thick mattress with 16” tall surrounding wall
Designed so rider will fall off to the side and not over the head
UL listed
Extra padding on body of bull
Exceed ASTM standards
Certified in most states
Lowest liability insurance in the industry

Cool Features
Eyes light up
Smoke comes out of nostrils
Dueling bulls for competition
Real cowhide cover
30 programmed rides (2 speed settings with 20 variables)
Only 950 pounds total weight with pallet (designed to fit in pickup)
Dolly fits through a 36” door
Inflatable repair kit included
Mattress size, shape and color options

Customer Service
24/7 customer support – Reduced down time with fast response
Receive parts in 1-3 days
Successfully servicing over 700 bulls and customers since 2006
Most parts can be replace onsite your self

For more information call toll free 877-484-9621

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