How to Ride a Mechanical Bull for fun

Riding mechanical bulls are some of the most interesting sources of amusement and joy for both adults and children. The mechanical bull riding idea was developed during the 1930’s and today it is all over the world save for the very remote regions. Anyone who was movie-going during the 1980’s definitely knows about the mechanical bull riding amusements as it came to the limelight’s during this period when the movie: Urban Cowboy was released.

Mechanical bull riding has always proved dangerous as many people have been injured due to one reason or the other. Some of the causes of injury have been due to falling from the gadget as well as being stuck on it. Among these, carelessness together with lack of information, no forgetting overconfidence is blamed as the chief causes of the accidents. It is therefore of great importance that you know some of the tactics involved in the safe riding of mechanical bulls.

These are the things you need to know to ride a mechanical bull.The first thing is for you to have a firm grip on the handhold. The most dominant hand of yours is the one to be used holding the hand hold, meaning that a left handed person will use the left hand while the right handed person ought to use his right hand to hold the grip. There are two methods of holding the grip, one of them being the common method and the Brazilian style. The Brazilian style bull riding involves holding the grip with your palm facing down while the common method involves holding with your palm facing upwards. There are instances when you are given a glove to wear before holding the grip but if you feel your grip is not strong enough, you can always reject this offer and hold the handhold with a firm grip. Remember that it is not a rule that you must hold the handhold with your right hand as other people may tell you but it should be held using the most dominant hand of yours.

The legs also play a major role in the riding process as you are urged to squeeze your thighs on the sides of the mechanical bull. This is one of the things that is most forgotten by the riders and yet it is as important as holding the handhold. Just as the firm grip protects you from falling, the squeezing of your thighs on the body of the mechanical bull will also protect you from falling hence do not over concentrate on the riding process at the expense of your stability and the squeezing.

Relaxation is yet another very important point. There are several people, especially amateurs who usually make  their whole body very firm. This can make your whole body rock so much while riding the mechanical bull. Make the upper part of your body to be relaxed and flexible so that when the operator is maneuvering the mechanical bull, you don’t end up being rocked up so much. If you do not relax your upper body part, you may come down from the mechanical bull with your body feeling too much rocked up and this is only if you did not fall down as a result of this stiffness.

Courage and lack of uneasiness should also help you to stay on the mechanical bull. In case you are too much afraid of the ride, you need to inform the operator to regulate the speed to one that suits you the most. This is one advantage that the most modern mechanical bulls come with. That is the ability to regulate the speed of the device.

Lastly, you need to use your free hand to balance around the mechanical bull. You should not use it to hold on to the bull, this makes you less balanced hence prone to falling off. Those who have not ridden before will think that you are just waving at them yet that is a balancing mechanism.

It is worth noting that before anyone climbs on to a mechanical bull, they need to know some of the basics and it is the work of the instructor or operator to ensure this. If this is not done, you will experience increased rates of accidents that ought not to have happened.